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In the marketing world, you will come across the acronym KPI on every corner. It’s used by salespeople, marketing people, and sometimes you can even hear it from the programmers’ office. It is one of the most important metrics to know how your company is doing. KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator. It can be translated as performance indicator or key metrics.

A KPI can have several indicators ranging from financial to employee satisfaction. Thus, a KPI metric can be used to measure, for example:

  • Turnover,
  • the size of the financial reserve,
  • employee turnover in the company,
  • the number of women in managerial and managerial positions,
  • the company’s market share,
  • number of returning customers,
  • efficiency of work in terms of delivery time or products sold,
  • etc…

Each company can set its own KPIs using analytical tools (such as Google Analytics). Over a longer period of time, KPIs help to evaluate the efficiency of the company and adjust any necessary changes for higher performance and profit.