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A way to protect against robot spam, especially in discussion forums and freely accessible comments on posts. It can take many forms, from rewriting code, picking the right image, or solving puzzles. It is often ineffective against bots.

Click Rate (CR)

Click Rate is a term from Internet advertising and online marketing and it expresses the ratio of the number of clicks on an advertising banner to the number of times that banner is displayed. Unlike the second Click Through Rate option, the user does not have to go directly to the landing page. In fact, it is one of the indicators of the effectiveness of advertising.

ClickThrough Popularity (CTP)

These statistics on link clicks and page abandonment rate measure the popularity of the site. Some search engines use it to increase the relevance of searches. It is the ratio of the number of times a user clicks on a given link in the search results, and the length of time users stay on that page.

ClickThroughRate (CTR)

This term is used in internet advertising and represents the click-through rate. It measures the success of advertising campaigns. It means the ratio of the number of times an advertising banner was displayed to the number of times it was clicked. It also takes into account the actual traffic to the target website by those users who clicked on the banner. In this case, the time users spend on the site is not measured.


Content. From blogs to e-books. Good content can keep users on your site and get them to buy and promote your brand.

Content Management System (CMS)

Software used to manage the content of a website. This content management system is used to manage the website and even a person who doesn't have a deep knowledge of programming can take care of it.


By click-through we mean a click on a particular advertisement or banner that leads to a redirect to the target site. A click on a link that does not lead to a page load is not considered a click-through. Counting clicks is very important for site optimization as well as for promotion purposes.


Files used to help you work with the site. A cookie is data that the web server sends to the user's browser. They are then stored on the recipient's computer. Their function is to identify the user and record their activities on the website. The work is facilitated by personalisation and the storage of user names, preferences or passwords. The user can disable their storage.


Author of advertising texts, slogans, product descriptions and general sales content (not only) on the web.


Writing internet texts. Activity that includes writing PR articles, but also articles in magazines and blogs, descriptions in e-shops, etc. It also involves optimizing the site for search engines in the form of text and trying to make it as accessible as possible to the user.


ZA term from the field of PPC Internet advertising, expressing the maximum price per user click, which can never be exceeded. It is also an important indicator in evaluating the overall success of a PPC advertising campaign.


Writing internet texts. Activity that includes writing PR articles, but also articles in magazines and blogs, descriptions in e-shops, etc. It also involves optimizing the site for search engines in the form of text and trying to make it as accessible as possible to the user.


A marketing strategy consisting of offering products in a non-violent way, in connection with certain web content that is related to that product, service or content. For example, when reading an interesting article about health, a note is given on where to purchase a certain healthy product or food.


English abbreviation for Cascading Style Sheets. In computer science, it refers to a language for displaying page elements that are written in HTML, XHTML or XML. The main goal is to clearly define the appearance of a given document from its content and structure for the needs of web designers and webmasters.


"Customer Relationship Management" is a system for storing important customer information.


Wrapping, collapsing data to get more workspace and more speed when working with files, folders and applications. Compression is done with the help of special programs, among the most famous ones of today are undoubtedly WinRar and WinZip.


It uses a compression algorithm. It is also used to reduce the volume of data, to package data files in order to work better with them. Compression allows a file to be packed and easily unpacked again.

Click-through rate

Click-through rate, also referred to as Click Rate, indicates the ratio of the number of ad impressions to the number of interactions, i.e. clicks.

CTA – Call To Action

We translate it literally from English as a call to action. It is a marketing approach in which you induce a site visitor to take action. Typically, for example, the phrases: buy, come to our tasting, subscribe, etc. Today, however, the prompts are much more sophisticated and often not only text plays a role, but also, for example, the colour or placement of buttons or the right timing, creating trust between the seller and the customer.


This is a predefined action by a visitor to the site, typically it can be a purchase or registering on the site.

Content strategy

A long-term plan to create content across all communication channels. From your own website, blog to social networks. Videos or printed materials can also be part of the content strategy. It should include both internal and external content. Content strategy is often guided by the so-called content strategy pyramid.

Content marketing

Content marketing. Creating quality internal and external content to educate or entertain site visitors and increase sales and brand awareness.


Can be translated by the term buffer or memory cache. It is used to make web pages load faster by storing data from previous visits in the cache. This way, when you visit the same web page several times, everything doesn't have to be loaded and downloaded again from the beginning and everything is faster. However, it is because of this feature that caches can cause problems on websites. Especially if you have made important changes to them that won't load because of the cache. There are several ways to solve this problem. The first and easiest is a "hard page refresh", which is easily done on the Windows keyboard using the ctrl+F5 keyboard shortcut. However, a surer way is to clear the cache in your browser settings.